Remote medical imaging – ergonomics and efficiency of daily use protection devices – cognitive psychology – strategy and intelligence – ballistic expertise – biofeedback – 1fLuX


01. ENM influence – 1FLUX

Human behaviour is deeply nature-harnessed, because of its evolution across ages through natural selection and adaptive mechanisms. Recent developments seen particularly in social medias and through viral contents can capture this nature, abusing qualities and biases of human mindsets.

With our methodology named 1FLUX we can develop solid intelligence and communication strategies and teach it to your teams.

1FLUX can be used as a pedagogic tool to prevent oneself from some influence strategies based on similar concepts (so-called neuromarketing, nudge, …) or to develop some original material to improve intelligence and counter-intelligence strategies, sales, or interpersonal relations.

02. ENM Medics

We discover new way of use for common life tools and teach how to adapt behaviours to new situations to cope with global health and security issues. We invent and modify artefacts to trigger new applications dedicated to such problems, and improve ergonomics for workers and civilians. Artefacts developed correspond to prostheses and extension of dimensions added to human bodies and mindsets.

We improve remote solutions for medical imaging by CT, MRI and X-Ray  to improve ergonomics and efficiency in diagnoses.We apply our methodology to routine ER radiology and neuroradiology in daily practice in telemedicine.

We use combination of cognitive tools developed with 1FLUX and technology respecting 1FLUX principles to prevent classical problems for the operator such as too high cognitive load, attentional biases, habituation due to repetitive processes, fatigue and increase his accuracy.

03.  ENM Sports – Long Range Shooting

Human skills used to discriminate small targets in complex visual environments are quite similar to those used in medical imaging diagnosis.

The need to work in full security imposed by firearms requests high level of concentration and attention, qualities needed in any high-level professional activity.

Business targets share similar features with « physical » targets. Weak point are more often in the shooter and the tools he uses.

Integration of fine human skills (sometimes ignored before practicing them) and biofeedback provided by external prostheses (ballistic calculators, atmospheric and wind probes, etc) are interesting processes to learn, in the spirit of Augmented Reality, the next big thing in Tech World.

We provide training from 0 to 3000m in long range shooting and extra long range shooting by recognised experts, world class competitors coming from military and civil society.