Enzan No Metsuke : gazing at the far mountain

« We see through people »

Joachim Son, Founder and CEO

What you need to know

The concept of the peripheral gaze obtained by the attitude of looking at the far mountain in Samurai traditions, popularised by the Ronin Miyamoto Musashi, is found in many cultures and contexts: driving a car, meditating, bow and firearms, medical imaging diagnosis, helicopter sea monitoring, fine industry quality control, etc. It allows specific cognitive abilities through brain sensors such as distributed attention span, sensitivity to visual motion and quick reactivity.

Enzan No Metsuke is just one of the cognitive and embodied principles that we use in our team to be applied in different fields of our activity: business and political strategies, medical imaging, art and sport, especially firearms shooting and martial arts.

Enzan No Metsuke is a private company aiming to improve human strategies, by hacking people’s own brains and taking advantage of the best of technological tools and prosthesis to go beyond their usual sensory and decisional span.

Our company is thus involved in the development and application of remote medical diagnostic methods, particularly via teleradiology, allowing to see « through » a patient at a distance without the presence of the caregiver near the medical devices or near the patient. We also work at improving the efficiency and the ergonomy of workstations for remote healthcare practitioners. We invent new artefacts to make them used commonly in daily life or trigger changes in usual artefacts by behavioural or technical interventions in order to make them comply with increased protection for individuals in the fields of healthcare and security.

ENM offers strategy courses about cognitive biases and logical fallacies, based on a background coming from cognitive science and Asian martial arts ( the courses are based on 1FLUX methodology created by Joachim Son, CEO of ENM, in partnership with the circle of influence Global Variations).

ENM finally offers, as a practical support platform, ballistics and firearms shooting courses at various ranges (extra long-long-middle-short) combining study of fine visual discrimination and precise and reproducible gestures, reading of the environment and its geographical and meteorological parameters, bullets’ trajectory simulations and models, and cognitive tricks to improve speed, efficiency and security.

Legal statuses

Statuts /fr /eng

Enzan No Metsuke est une SARL au capital social est de CHF 20’000.-.
Il est divisé en 200 parts sociales de CHF 100.-

Enzan No Metsuke is an LLC with a registered capital of CHF 20’000.-.  It is divided into 200 shares of CHF 100.-

The purpose of the company is to operate and manage an office of experts in medical radiology and all services in the medical field, particularly in relation to telemedicine and new modes of medical practice related to digital innovation. The company can also invest in projects related to artificial intelligence or cognitive science. It may also be in charge of organizing sports and cultural events and providing education in the fields of sport, culture and science, including medical. It will finally be able to take stakes in all radiology institutes, medical practices, and carry out any operations  real estate in this area.  The company can:

 carry out any financial, commercial or industrial, movable or immovable activity directly or indirectly related to its purpose

 establish branches or subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad

 Participate in any businesses that have a direct or indirect relationship with their purpose;

 grant loans or guarantees to associates or third parties, if this favors its interests.

La société a pour but l’exploitation et la gestion d’un bureau d’experts en radiologie médicale et toutes prestations de service dans le domaine médical, notamment en rapport avec la télémédecine et les nouveaux modes de pratique médicale liés à l’innovation numérique. La société pourra par ailleurs investir dans des projets liés à l’intelligence artificielle ou aux sciences cognitives. Elle pourra aussi être en charge de l’organisation de manifestations sportives et culturelles et dispenser un enseignement dans les domaines du sport, de la culture et des sciences, y compris médicales. Elle pourra enfin prendre des participations dans tous instituts de radiologie, cabinets médicaux, et procéder à toutes opérations
immobilières dans ce domaine.

La société peut :

 exercer toute activité financière, commerciale ou industrielle, mobilière ou immobilière, en rapport direct ou indirect avec son but ;

 créer des succursales ou des filiales en Suisse et à l’étranger ;

 participer à toutes entreprises ayant un rapport direct ou indirect avec son but ;

 accorder des prêts ou des garanties à des associés ou des tiers, si cela favorise ses intérêts.

Registre du commerce, Genève : No réf. 16523/2019 CHE-298.306.009 -CH-660.2.695.019-0