ENM editions:

May 2020: « L’invisible esquissé » from our CEO has been released on Kobo, Amazon (kindle and print), Bookelis (print) and through Hachette Distribution network in France. It depicts the genesis of ENM activities under the format of a biographical essay.

ENM Healthacare:

February 2020: A new and important partnership has been established with m3 Group in Geneva to launch m3 Sanitrade company in 2020 and create the R&D for personal protective equipments.

The medical imaging section is now reducing significantly its activity to ensure the quality of this new and long-term mandate.

ENM sports:

Activities are calming down because of COVID 19 crisis and won’t probably resume before fall 2020. In the mean time, ENM will donate free masks to citizens and financial participations for NGO and healthcare workers and give its DinoSon mask adaptor in Creative Commons licence to participate to the efforts.

Our store currently includes only elements related to our sporting activity by providing articles for demanding competitors in Long Range Shooting preparing the competitions of King of 1 Mile and King of 2 Miles. For inquiries regarding courses or introductory courses on influence techniques, please contact the ENM team by message on the appropriate form.